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Grade 12 Mathematics
Lesedi Molokomme
Course topics and videos

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1. Number patterns, sequences and series
Introduction to number patterns, sequences and series
Quadratic sequences
Arithmetic sequences
Geometric sequences
Arithmetic sequence example
Geometric sequence example
Another example - Arithmetic
Another example - Geometric
And another example - Arithmetic
Another example - Geometric
Introduction to Series
Introduction to Arithmetic Series
Introduction to Geometric Series
Examples Arithmetic and Geometric Series
Another examples set
And Another set of series examples
Introduction to Summation Notation
Geometric sequence example
Sigma Example Arithmetic Series
Sigma Example - Geometric series
Sigma Notation - Very Interesting Example
2. Functions, inverses and logarithms
3. Financial mathematics
4. Trigonometry
5. Two and three dimensional trigonometry
6. Algebra and differential calculus
7. Curve sketching and graph interpretation
8. Optimisation of functions and rate of change
9. Analytical geometry
10. Euclidean geometry
11. Statistics
12. Probability

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